South East Water :Environmental video case study

This one's not your typical utilities case study video!

Case Study

South East Water wanted to create an engaging environmental film that would serve to educate and promote the site within the local community.

The success of the delicate ecological balance on the site is the number one indicator of the water quality that the company delivers into people’s homes.

South East Water wanted this to come through in the films, whilst also using real life experiences of both staff and local residence to tell Arlington’s compelling story, and to tempt more local residents onto the site to enjoy the space.

Filming at Arlington was a real gift, and super peaceful. The real success story of this film was the increase in applications for Angling licences, and the general boost to visitor numbers as a result of our work. These numbers were tangible proof that the awareness of South East water’s commitment to maintaining the delicate environmental landscape at Arlington had been heard within the wider community. The film was to form part of the South East Water content marketing strategy for both website and social media distribution.

My opinion is, it’s a thing of beauty. Thanks and well done!

South East Water