Guide Dogs:Charity video case study

Jedi’s when it comes to dog training!

Case Study

As a Guide Dogs preferred supplier, we have worked on countless videos with them, but this one has a particularly compelling story.

Focused on the experiences of real people and the impact they can have in creating a truly heartwarming success story. This is when Penny met Yvonne and guide dog Aussie.

Penny’s Aunt Joan had left a gift in her Will to Guide Dogs. The gift Joan left was spent on training Aussie. Having placed him with Yvonne, the film was intended to shine a spot line on a typical case.

The finished video was used as part of the Legacy Team’s promotional material and would be distributed on DVD as part of their fundraising/information packs, as well as online and on social media. It formed a crucial part of their content marketing strategy to increase pledges and grow fundraising revenue from wills across the legacy team.

Every time we’ve worked with Howling Bear the outcome has been great, and they have made it quick and easy to work with them. Right from the beginning they understood exactly what we wanted and went out of their way to incorporate our feedback to make a film we were all extremely happy with. On the shoot they put everyone at ease and knew exactly how to get what we wanted from both the interviews and the shots.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association